About SMB Personal Fitness

Early Life

Born June 4, 1970, in Opelousas, Louisiana, a small rural town, Shellita Frank was the second of four children. Raised by her mother, Edith Nell, and Edward Fredrick Grey. Shellita was a quiet child and very curious.

“We always had a few foster kids that stayed with us. It’s funny when I think about it now. I grew up in a small three-bedroom house with eight people, but I was a loaner.” Peace and quiet was hard to find, Boxie recalls. “I lived in my head quite a bit to give myself mental peace. I think my love of acting may have started from going to different places in my mind. I could be anyone anywhere.”

Shellita remembers the first time speaking in front of a crowd. "It was a 9th-grade English project on persuasive speaking. I was terrified. I decided to dress up as an old woman. My mother helped me with my ‘costume.’ My first makeup artist and wardrobe stylist. We went all in: wig, clothes, stomach padding, makeup. It was wonderful! I still smile now when I think about that first performance in front of an audience."

Shellita graduated from Plaisance High School and attended the University of Southwestern Louisiana. But the acting bug had held on after its initial bite. “I wasn’t getting any traction in my acting career in Louisiana, so I knew I needed to make a move if I was serious. It was a choice between LA and Orlando. In ’97 Orlando was getting a reputation for being the ‘LA of the South.’ My first choice was California. However, I thought it was too far from my family”.

Personal Trainer

When Shellita arrived in Orlando, she enrolled at Valencia college and later transferred to the University of Central Florida where she obtained her bachelor's degree in communications. During this time, she started working at Bally’s Total Fitness as an administrative assistant.

Pondering her past Shellita remembers the transition and life decisions she would make to create the formula for her success. “When I moved to Orlando, I got some print jobs, but acting jobs were coming a little slower. I was in school and planning a wedding. I needed extra income and Bally’s allowed me to have an extra paycheck with the added benefit of a free gym membership. I noticed the women were at different levels of fitness that I had not seen before. I worked out when I was in Louisiana. However, I was working out with my fiancé, so I was working out like a man. I begin to understand that there was a difference. I wanted to learn”.

Boxie obtained her certification in Personal Training and Aerobics. She would advance from an administrative assistant to a personal trainer and eventually become the Regional Director of Group exercises. As director, Shellita helped roll out new fitness programs such as Pilates, Powerflex, Spinning and created programs such as BTKO; a combat kickboxing class popularly taught in many fitness clubs.

Recounting her foundation for fitness, Boxie states where passion for training originates. “Training is like therapy for me. Not only does it help me physically but, it enhances me spiritually and mentally. The idea of helping each client I work with achieving the same totality of balance, confirms over and over that this is my mission. I’ve worked with people from all walks of life ranging from celebrities, soldiers, pastors, attorneys, teachers, parents, and kids. All "were" looking to me for my expertise and guidance with their health and fitness."

Acting Career

Boxie became a professional actor after her principal role in a SAG Florida Lottery/Fear Factor Commercial. The same commercial is when she got her first taste of the stunt world. “My agent called me about auditioning and mentioned there was also a role that called for a stunt performer. She figured I was a trainer and could probably handle something like that. At first, I said no, but then she said, “I think you’ll get paid double if you book both.” On that set, I met the stunt coordinator who pointed out that I was a rare find in the state of Florida’s stunt industry. The rest is history.”

Boxie’s first speaking role in a feature film was playing a villain in the sci-fi fan favorite, Waste of Space. It was a low budget independent film, one of the few SAG signatory films made in Florida, a right to work state. With full intent to make her dream a reality, Shellita found herself traveling back to Louisiana as well as Georgia, Carolina, and California looking for her next role.

“It was the most humbling experience of my career. Even though I look at every job as an opportunity, being a stand-in for Fantasia Barrino in her life story seemed easy. Ha! That may have been true for any other film but not one directed by Debbie Allen. She made me cry and made me a better actor. At that moment, I remembered why I’d left home all those years ago, and it had nothing to do with life being easy.”

Some of the famed films Shellita’s worked on is: Girls Trip doubling as Actress and Comedian Tiffany Haddish. Marvels Captain America: Civil War, as a stunt performer in Wakanda, home of the Black Panther and The Walking Dead. Both films catapulted her career for nominations to the Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Stunt Ensemble.

Shellita also teaches acting classes in Florida at the Maile School and produce as well as cast independent films projects like Home of The Brave; a movie project allowed Boxie wear the actor, director, and producer hat.

SMB Personal Fitness

When Shellita graduated from UCF, this is where her life changed. She had a daughter and became a new mom. After taking some time off to enjoy her newborn, she headed back to the gym to try and slowly work back into her routine. What was intended to be a few hours a week teaching fitness classes to get back my ‘pre-baby body’ turned into a Membership and Wellness Director opportunity for one of the best family fitness centers in Central Florida. "Although I enjoyed the position, more freedom was needed for family and the pursuit of a film career."

Gradually transitioning out of the corporate gym setting, Shellita began fulfilling more requests for individual and private in-home training. Ultimately leading to long-term contracts with the City of Orlando, Orange County Parks and Rec, Private Companies and Country Clubs throughout the Central Florida Area. Strategy and a little luck would allow Shellita to form SMB Personal Fitness, Inc.

Since incorporation in 2003, SMB Personal Fitness, Inc. has grown from a small garage fitness studio to a multifaceted company with four distinct service facilities. Shellita Boxie, President/CEO of SMB Personal Fitness, Inc. is a certified Aerobic and Personal Fitness Instructor. During her 20 years in the fitness industry, she’s helped clients reach goals for marathons, movies, magazine covers, weddings, and more. While going through life-changing transformation, spirit, mind, and body, she accomplished another one of her lifelong goals of becoming an NPC Bikini Competitor.

Mission Statement

SMB Personal Fitness' goal is to provide elite, affordable, results-driven personal fitness services that will empower and improve Spiritual, Mental and Physical strength to individuals and small groups in a home, corporate or clubhouse setting.”

At SMB, It’s Not Just Business; It’s Personal.